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25 feb. 2016

"Agitato GRIMOIRE" (Fechas de lanzamiento) (Release dates)

Limited Edition Type A (Edisión limitada tipo A)

1.Agitato GRIMOIRE



Limited Edition Type B (Edisión limitada tipo B)

1.Agitato GRIMOIRE

"2015/12/18 EX THEATER ROPPONGI" Live Video

Regular Edition (Edisión regular)

1.Agitato GRIMOIRE
3.悲哀 (hiai)


23 feb. 2016

Tsuzuku Blog (entry) 2016-02-20

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What was what we did yesterday?
It's what 綴 have to listen every morning.
Without noticing the passage of time and stuff.
I'm going to Kumamoto.
All applauded the LIVE.
I mean in my own words that this is a great tour
This LIVE is for you too
It has been fun.
The body and voice are worn
I have a feeling
that my heart
grows more and makes me feel alive.
30 hours of this tour
Thus becomes heavier the burden of singing
That's how it have formed *nodules on my vocal cords.
By the screams I do occasionally on stage
If my voice dies, die my heart
Do not die.
Because everybody is still there.
Although every time is better my singing
By having such a high voice, It's normal to me get speechless often, but I repeat these tones -laughs-
It's fun.
I would like to do more.
A final with a solo of mine.
But you know
Anything can happen with me.
Maybe someday all over.
So for now
Things I can do now

I will give my best.
No one
can do it for me.

to be or not to be ...

Before someone else does, I will do my best.
Even if  it means to be painful
I also went through a hard time when I quit smoking
So I will continue to walk with a smile rather than give up something like this.

You should, too.
For you.

If you are willing to die for it
You will not have a bad result
I got to that point and did not lie.
And today I'm still growing.

It must be done, even if it's useless.
It is better to seek every opportunity to the difficulties before resigning
It would be nice to make a parenthesis on that straight line.

That's my theory.

We all know what we have to do.

Increased pressure
At this time.

The desire to die  have spread to live, and I will show you how much.

We took a picture with yo-ka, I have been in most of the frame.
I was trembling

I did not sing "Whiteness".
But I'm glad to hear "Black sheep".

Thank you for the second half of the tour
Thanks to Kyushu.

Tsuzuku .

Note : The nodule vocal cord is a small round formation that affects one or both vocal cords and prevents closure is complete, generating hiatus, air loss and concomitant dysphonia.

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10 feb. 2016

Koichi Blog Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX。

06-02- Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX。



A partir de que la gripe se hizo presente, la continuidad del rendimiento en las actuaciones será determinada。
Casi muero de miedo y de nervios。Me pregunté qué hacía yo en el escenario。

Todos saben que MEJIBRAY son 4 personas, incluso los que recién nos están conociendo。
Quisiera que seamos esas mismas 4 personas。

Esta vez, no será así en el escenario。
Además no se supone que deba romper una promesa si no se trata de vida o muerte 。

El manager nos ha dicho de cancelar las presentaciones。
Por que para nuestro manager  hacer esto era imposible。
La compañía no tenía más remedio que cancelarlas。
Pero。yo definitivamente quería estar en el escenario。
No sé que podría pasar si no hubiera subido al escenario。
Así es como se lo dije。

También he dicho malas palabras。Creo que fui grosero。

Pero el manager dice haberme perdonado。

Por primera vez íbamos a estar en el escenario sin su voz。

No sabía como era cantar, y no sabía lo que era estar en el lugar de 綴。

Sin embargo。solo una vez estuve nervioso, pero nunca asustado。

Pensé en MiA y メト。Ellos hicieron el coro。

Como bien dijo 綴 antes。

『Tratar de hacerlo lo mejor posible, eso es lo primero。』

Esas palabras estaban en mi cabeza todo el tiempo。

Así que por ese motivo, no tuve miedo。

Creo que 3 personas pueden también brindar un escenario muy vanguardista。

Incluso hoy mismo。Tampoco hay otra opción。
Más que trabajar duro。Verdad?。
MEJIBRAY marchará de la manera más vanguardista hasta el 9/2。

Cambiaremos el Setlist y luego será como de costumbre。

Cuando somos 4, al  momento de subir al escenario, es que estamos en la parte superior de la vanguardia。

Soy uno de esos chicos que más desea estar parado en el escenario, sintiéndome el número 1。
Así que gracias a todos aquellos que vinieron。y a los que me han apoyado siempre。
Y sobre todas las cosas, a mi mismo。

De acuerdo。trataré de hacerte feliz, al menos un poco。

…Solo un poco。

Saludos (´・ω・`)

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02-06 Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX. (English version)


Thank you.

From the flu was present, continuity of performance will be determined in the proceedings.
I almost died of fear and nerves.
I wondered what I was doing on stage.

Everyone knows that MEJIBRAY are 4 people, even those who are newly  know about us .
I would like us to be those same four people.

This time, it will not be on stage.
Also it not supposed to break a promise if it is not life threatening.

The manager told us to cancel the presentations.
Because for our manager to do this was impossible.
The company had no choice but to cancel.
I But I definitely wanted to be on stage.
I do not know what could happen if I had not taken the stage.
That's how I told him.

I also said bad words.
I think I was rude.

But the manager tells me forgives me.

For the first time we were going to be on stage without his voice.

I did not know how it  was singing , and did not know what was being in the place of  綴.

However. Only once I was nervous, but never scared.

I thought of MiA and メ ト . They made the choir.

 as 綴 said earlier.

「Trying to do my best, that's first.」

Those words were in my head all the time.

So for that reason, I was not afraid.

I think 3 people can also provide a very avant-garde scene.

Even today. There is also no other option.
Rather than working hard. Right? .
MEJIBRAY march of the most innovative way to 2/9
Change the setlist and then will proceed as usual.
When we are 4, at the time going on stage, it is that we are on top of the vanguard.
I'm one of those guys who most want to stand on stage, Feeling like I'am the number 1.
So thanks to all those who comes .and  those who have always supported me.
And above all, to myself.
Okay. I'll try to make you happy, at least a little.
…Only a little .
Greetings ( '· ω · `)

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MEJIBRAY Vo.綴 Está de regreso. | MEJIBRAY Return of Vo. 綴

MEJIBRAY El regreso del Vo.綴 

MEJIBRAY Vo.綴 Está de regreso.

Gracias por su apoyo hacia MEJIBRAY。

El día 6 de febrero (sábado) 「Gran gira nacional-MASSIVE-」
En Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX se ha decidido que El vocalista de MEJIBRAY , 綴 tomara un descanso por su condición de gripe
para luego poder regresar a sus actividades el día Jueves 11 de Febrero.
「Gran-MASSIVE- gira nacional Niigata GOLDEN PIGS RED 」
Ahora es cuando se le ha permitido regresar a las actividades。

Todos aquellos que han sufrido los inconvenientes, y a los que tuvieron que esperar, les pedimos sinceras disculpas de parte de los miembros de la banda
Y del staff。

Tenemos muchas ganas de seguir por más y más en el futuro, Muchas gracias por su apoyo y les pedimos humildemente disculpas de nuevo。

(Gracias por leer! Ayudanos a ser cada vez mejores para ustedes,
por favor no roben nuestro material, compártanlo. Gracias.)

MEJIBRAY Return of Vo. 綴

MEJIBRAY Vo. 綴's back

Thanks for your support MEJIBRAY.

On 6 February (Saturday) 「national-MASSIVE- Grand tour」
In Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX it has decided that vocalist MEJIBRAY, 綴 take a break for being a flu,
And then to return to his activities on Thursday, February 11.
「Grand -MASSIVE- national tour Niigata RED GOLDEN PIGS」
Now it is when it has been allowed to return to activities.

All those who have suffered the inconvenience, and those who had to wait, we ask apologies from the members of the band and from the staff.

We really want to go for more and more in the future,
Thank you for your support and we ask  humbly apologize again.


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6 feb. 2016

Anuncio importante de MEJIBRAY / MEJIBRAY important Announcement


Para las presentaciones en Sendai "super -MASSIVE- collision nationwide Edition"

El día 6 de febrero (sábado) en Sendai en el CLUB JUNK BOX ,
el vocalista de Diaura yo-ka y el vocalista de MEJIBRAY 綴,
han sido diagnosticados con una infección por influenza en ambos.

Por lo tanto, las actuaciones de hoy serán con la ausencia de
ambos vocalistas de dichas bandas.
Es por eso que la decisión original era suspenderlo,
Sin embargo habrá una actuación debido a  la fuerte intención de los demás miembros.
No obstante las presentaciones de hoy se llevarán a cabo
como un concierto gratuito a quienes hayan comprado la entrada para hoy.

Después de esto, habrá un reembolso si canceláramos los shows o
cambiáramos los horarios y no les sirve.

Más delante  se darán otros detalles con respecto a la devolución
y las demás presentaciones después de esta.
Y se lo haremos saber  en cada una de las páginas oficiales.

Todos tienen que apoyarlos, les pedimos sinceramente disculpas
de parte del personal por las molestias que hemos causado ante el gran
inconveniente para todos los que esperaban las presentaciones.

Lo sentimos.

Con respecto a cambios de horarios/ reembolso u otros detalles
serán hasta el 12/2 (Viernes)  Lo informaremos en cada sitio web oficial.

Por favor no pierda su entrada.

Las actuaciones de Diaura   mañana 7 de febrero   (Dom) en
Aomori Quarter  y Dictatorial【K】ingdom Ⅱ se llevarán a cabo.

Gracias humildemente por su comprensión.

Diaura / MEJIBRAY - Todos

Traducido al español por : MWW

English Version :


For the performances in Sendai "super collision -MASSIVE- nationwide Edition"

On 6 February (Saturday) at Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX in,
vocalist Diaura yo-ka and vocalist MEJIBRAY 綴,
They have been diagnosed with influenza infection in both.

Therefore, the performances of today are with the absence of both of these bands vocalists.
That's why the original decision was to suspend it,
however there will be a performance due to the strong intention of the other members.
However today's presentations will be held
as a free concert to those who have bought a ticket for today.

After this, there will be a refund if we canceled the shows
 or we changed the schedule and it doesnt work for you.

More details will be given later about  refund
and other presentations after this.
And we will tell you in each of the official website.

Everyone has to support them, I sincerely apologize from the staff
for the annoyance we have caused to the great inconvenience
to all who were waiting presentations.

We really sorry.

Regarding schedule changes / refund or other details
be up to 2/12 (Friday) will tell you in every official website.

Please do not waste your ticket.

The performances of Diaura tomorrow February 7 (Sun)
in Aomori Quarter and Dictatorial 【K】 ingdom Ⅱ it will be held.

Humbly thank you for your understanding.

Diaura / MEJIBRAY - everyone

Translated to english by : MWW